Sunday, November 24, 2013

At first, I thought it was an isolated incident.  @Bob_Wachter from UCSF reported on Twitter:

Lines betwn personal/professional contnue 2 blur, as I now use my @iPhone flashlght 2 look into my patients mouths. OK 2 clean it w/ alcohl?

I jokingly responded:

This makes me feel a bit uneasy, Bob. What if the phone rings? Or worse, buzzes! :)

He answered:

Good point, tho its not inside mouth (just outsde). Its 1 more sign of Swiss-army-knife nature of iPhone: 1 less thing 2 to carry

But then @drsusanshaw from Saskatchewan jumped in:

Just the other day I used iPhone flashlight to help surgeon identify bleeding vessel in an ICU patient.

They say it usually takes 14 years for a new medical device or procedure to infuse the market. Is this one faster?  Please comment if you have seen similar examples.


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