Monday, January 13, 2014

I never wish any one bad luck, like losing a job.  But in this case, I am happy to see it happening because it is an indication that there is hope in the battle against the medical arms race when people in the medical profession stand up for what is right.

The story is from Bloomberg about the maker of the daVinci surgical robot:

Intuitive Surgical, Inc: Layoffs total 7% of sales organization

Jan 13 2014 4:01:21

ISRG laid off 7% of its sales force recently; more details are expected this week. Layoffs were focused in GYN, where growth has slowed.

Bravo to James T. Breeden, president of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who last year said:

At a time when there is a demand for more fiscal responsibility and transparency in health care, the use of expensive medical technology should be questioned when less-costly alternatives provide equal or better patient outcomes. 

A study of over 264,000 hysterectomy patients in 441 hospitals . . . found that robotics added an average of $2,000 per procedure without any demonstrable benefit.  

Aggressive direct-to-consumer marketing of the latest medical technologies may mislead the public into believing that they are the best choice. Our patients deserve and need factual information about all of their treatment options, including costs, so that they can make truly informed health care decisions. Patients should be advised that robotic hysterectomy is best used for unusual and complex clinical conditions in which improved outcomes over standard minimally invasive approaches have been demonstrated. 


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