Friday, August 8, 2014

My friend and colleague, Doug Hanto (a world class transplant surgeon) reports on Facebook about the birth of his grandson at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital in Indiana:

Interesting. Lindsay is about to have a C-section this morning, and we will welcome John Douglas into the world. The nurse handed Lindsay informed consent for C-section, anesthesia, blood transfusion, circumcision, and HBV vaccine with no explanation. Like signing the agreement you have to sign when updating your OSX or windows software. They all say "Your physician has explained ..." No one has explained anything. Trust is alive and well in the real world. This is "informed consent?" Hmmmmm!

Gee, I thought the purpose of informed consent was to be informed.  I also thought it was illegal for nurses to administer them, or, if not illegal, certainly inappropriate. 

Indiana hospital licensure rules say:

Sec. 13.4. "Informed consent" means a patient's authorization or agreement to undergo surgery or other invasive procedure that is based upon communication between a patient and his or her physician regarding the surgery or other invasive procedure. (Indiana State Department of Health)


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