Thursday, May 1, 2014
We're so excited to be getting feedback on our job negotiation book.  Please consider buying copies for your own college graduate or others you know.  Here are two recent reviews.  The first deals with the gender issues we cover in the book.  The second suggests that the advice we offer is helpful not only to first-timers in the job market, but other young professionals, too:

Take note, Females!
I went to a talk that Paul and Farzana gave at Tufts University School of Medicine a couple of weeks back. I was concerned because as a young student about to graduate grad school, I expressed to them that I was worried about negotiating because I'm young and don't have much experience. They assured me that once I've been offered a job, the company has already decided that they want me. Furthermore, they explained (and the book does too) that as a woman, I must go about the negotiation differently. I won't spoil the book, but I'll just say that I used the methods that the book suggests for women. Long story short, I was able to get my employer up $14k!!! I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially females. Sadly, our world can still be quite sexist. After accepting this sad truth, Paul and Farzana do a great job of describing how to deal with the hand that we, as women, are dealt.

Amazing book!
This book seriously increased my pay significantly, changed my job description to reflect a more senior role, AND enabled me to maintain a respectful and positive relationship with my future employer! This book was a helpful, fast read, and provided several examples and useful language that I was able to incorporate in my negotiations. This is by no means by first job - this book is helpful to anyone and everyone who is looking to create a mutually beneficial relationship with their future employer!

I highly recommend this to any graduating student or working professional.

The book is available on Amazon in paper and ebook form and is also on every other ebook platform.


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