Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A report from LEERINK, a stock market analyst, relates a conversation with a general surgeon who does 150 daVinci robot surgical cases per year.  (Sorry, no link available.)  An excerpt:

The surgeon has noticed a significant recent effort from ISRG to push robotic use in hernia as a way to target general surgeons. For him, the case for adoption is stronger in more complex ventral cases vs. inguinal hernias, but he still thinks the economic/clinical rationale is tenuous for both. In his view, robotics' penetration in hernia is unlikely to go above 5% (up from <1% today), and he has yet to find a hernia procedure that is "ideal for da Vinci."

Well, economic and clinical rational has never mattered before.  Will the profession ever put a stop to this supply-push form of medical equipment sales?


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