Thursday, February 6, 2014

As we consider the strange case of the University of Illinois Dean of the College of Medicine, who earns $700,000 from the state while pulling in another $450,000 from Novartis, we have to ask if the disclosure process really works.

Here's is the complete Statement of Economic Interests filed by this person with the Secretary of State:

Two years ago, the Chicago Tribune wrote a story suggesting that the state's disclosure law doesn't work very well.  The form above certainly seems to support this conclusion.  While there is no reason to suspect that the Dean did anything wrong in filling out the form, there is also nothing on the form that would suggest the extent of his personal commitment to this company, or of the company to him.

The question remains:  How can this person exercise a proper duty of care and loyalty to both institutions, not only in terms of time commitment, but also in terms of the overlapping scientific research and clinical interests of the two organizations?  When will the governing body of the University act on this matter and the other conflicts of interest that have been identified in the last several weeks?


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